We provide consultancy of the highest standards. Tolnet Consultants deliver expert advice with strategic Business and IT alignment. Our professionals are trained, certified and experienced to help your organisation in a number of key areas: 

• Project Management • Feasibility and Cost Analysis
• Technical Consultancy • Disaster Recovery
• Security Planning • Business Continuity Planning
• Licence Management • Collaboration




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IT Support is a widely used term in business nowadays. With the technology to support business  processes, organisations are relying on their IT infrastructure more and more. It provides us with tools which increase competitive advantage and enable and enhance the workforce to be empowered and decisive, but what happens when something goes wrong..?

There are many IT Support companies that try to pigeon-hole your needs, but at Tolnet we’re different. We will work with you and your organisation to build a support solution that suits your business needs.

Both Proactive and Reactive support will ensure that your competitive edge remains intact and that your workforce remains effective and productive. Tolnet offers a range of services enabling you to stay ahead of the game. 

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Tolnet delivers top-end Network Infrastructure solutions using proven industry standard technology. Our expertise and know-how has implemented network solutions to businesses which have enabled them to leverage their own capabilities further. High performance, resilience and scalability are built in so you won’t have to worry about keeping up with the demands of tomorrow.

Secure, safe and fast, we know how to get the most out of technology, giving you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on what’s most important: your own business.

Tolnet provides a wide variety of Network Services including:

• Anti-Virus Implementation and Support • E-Mail Security
• Firewall Installation and Configuration • Network Access Control
• VPN & Remote Access
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The IT market is flooded with Off-the-Shelf software which can provide business value for your organisation. However, if Off-the-Shelf software does not meet your organisational needs then we can help. Tolnet boasts an innovative and dynamic development team which produces high-end business software directly for you.

Customisations and bespoke software developments allow technology to be adapted to business processes. We cover the entire software development spectrum allowing technology to suit the business strategy of your company. So don’t let the market dictate how your business operates, talk to us about our services and transform your workforce into a productive and efficient team utilising unique developments at affordable prices.

Services include: 

• ASP.NET Development   • Custom Software Development  
• Ajax-Enabled Web Site • Content Management Systems  
• Integration of Legacy Systems  • SharePoint Development
• Custom Web parts • Company Intranets


Perhaps you are looking to launch your corporate identity, provide 24hour access to your business services or simply to reach your customers on another level; forward thinking web design and a professional and proven track record is what Tolnet can provide. We simply have the best to offer when it comes to Web Design and Development.

Our designers and developers know what works. We can add value to your business by deploying functional and attractive Web Systems that deliver business benefits both to you and your customers.

Services include:

• Graphic Design

• Web Application Development

• Content Management Systems • Company Branding
• Dynamic and Static Content • Ajax Integration
• Flash Multimedia • E-Commerce Sites
• Database Development